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authorCedric BAIL <>2008-06-26 15:47:25 +0000
committerCedric BAIL <>2008-06-26 15:47:25 +0000
commit86e42864967ef469a7b8b9da284da9b689612665 (patch)
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parent2b1156ef72122dbd8b294d1acede1b1604a0aa27 (diff)
This patch is a starting point for cleaning up eet_data.c.
It also add EET_G_VAR_ARRAY and EET_G_ARRAY thanks to turran's ( last year patch. Of course we have test code for it and eet_data.c code is covered around 90.1%. We need to test with garbage data for increasing it more. WARNING: API of eet_data_descriptor_element_add is not clean and we will need to break it, if we want a clean API. So this is the plan for version 2.0.0. SVN revision: 34919
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diff --git a/legacy/eet/src/lib/Eet_private.h b/legacy/eet/src/lib/Eet_private.h
index a2c2e13091..09a37d232f 100644
--- a/legacy/eet/src/lib/Eet_private.h
+++ b/legacy/eet/src/lib/Eet_private.h
@@ -74,4 +74,10 @@ void _eet_double_to_string_convert(char des[128], double d);
74#define PATH_MAX 4096 74#define PATH_MAX 4096
75#endif 75#endif
76 76
77#ifdef DNDEBUG
78#define EET_ASSERT(Test, Do) if (Test == 0) Do;
80#define EET_ASSERT(Test, Do) if (Test == 0) abort();
77#endif 83#endif