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Gesture Layer: support multiple callbacks per type/state.
elm_gesture_layer_cb_add/del functions have been added to provide this functionality. elm_gesture_layer_cb_set provided only one callback and so was overriding the callback with the new one. For ABI compatibility, some rules were needed: - when set function is called with NULL, all the callbacks of the state will be removed (old behavior respect) - try to use set or add/del exclusively with a preference to the new APIs. This is because of the first rule and because it will be more correct. - if you remove a callback, only one instance of this callback of this type/state for this gesture will be removed, by comparing func and data. It means that if you register twice the same callback/data, it will be added twice and you will have to remove also twice too.
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14582013-06-25 Ryuan Choi (ryuan) 14582013-06-25 Ryuan Choi (ryuan)
1459 1459
1460 * Fix crash of elm_notify when timeout is zero. 1460 * Fix crash of elm_notify when timeout is zero.
14622013-06-26 Daniel Zaoui (JackDanielZ)
1464 * Gesture Layer: add APIs to add/del multiple callbacks for a same
1465 gesture/type/state.