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authorCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) <>2013-02-27 21:06:05 +0900
committerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) <>2013-02-27 21:06:05 +0900
commit56d47295386bbe1f8b31abbf34909192dcd5c640 (patch)
treede895c8754ec54c2fc76c492b1235b6a1a86f9d7 /legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_widget_entry.h
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Change description:
Issue: Currently There is no possibility in entry to get currently selected context menu item’s contents i.e., Label, icon etc:- due to this issue a separate callback has to be added per item or the item's contents has to be sent in data. Fix: This patch fixes this problem by sending item pointer as event_info and providing APIs to access the item pointer. This fix is very useful for applications which add their own context menu items to entry's context menu. Signed-off by: Shilpa Singh(
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diff --git a/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_widget_entry.h b/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_widget_entry.h
index a0e3c54..7460111 100644
--- a/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_widget_entry.h
+++ b/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_widget_entry.h
@@ -91,7 +91,6 @@ struct _Elm_Entry_Smart_Data
91 Eina_Bool scroll : 1; 91 Eina_Bool scroll : 1;
92}; 92};
93 93
94typedef struct _Elm_Entry_Context_Menu_Item Elm_Entry_Context_Menu_Item;
95typedef struct _Elm_Entry_Item_Provider Elm_Entry_Item_Provider; 94typedef struct _Elm_Entry_Item_Provider Elm_Entry_Item_Provider;
96typedef struct _Elm_Entry_Markup_Filter Elm_Entry_Markup_Filter; 95typedef struct _Elm_Entry_Markup_Filter Elm_Entry_Markup_Filter;
97 96