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authorIván Briano <sachieru@gmail.com>2011-10-19 14:17:14 +0000
committerIván Briano <sachieru@gmail.com>2011-10-19 14:17:14 +0000
commit057a00829c9e195dbc0fed265c78d4d1f7819015 (patch)
tree7c07224eebd538d4fe052cccd1acf561d3dd527d /legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
parentmake elm config all stored in blobs ion properties (as well as disk) (diff)
Get us some nice auto translation scheme
First things first, I'm not sure I'm setting the right variable on the setlocale() call, so someone more knowledgeable can look at it and fix it. How this works, you say? Just like elm_object_text_part_set(), except now it will pass the string given through dgettext() with the given domain (NULL means it uses whatever the app set with textdomain()), and when changing language with elm_language_set(), it will re-set the strings with a new translation. SVN revision: 64179
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diff --git a/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c b/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
index a77c11a4ca..d79bdc2f01 100644
--- a/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
+++ b/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
@@ -887,6 +887,16 @@ _elm_win_rescale(Elm_Theme *th, Eina_Bool use_theme)
+ const Eina_List *l;
+ Evas_Object *obj;
+ EINA_LIST_FOREACH(_elm_win_list, l, obj)
+ elm_widget_translate(obj);
static Eina_Bool
_elm_win_client_message(void *data, int type __UNUSED__, void *event)