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authorShinwoo Kim <kimcinoo.efl@gmail.com>2013-01-17 11:32:14 +0000
committerShinwoo Kim <kimcinoo.efl@gmail.com>2013-01-17 11:32:14 +0000
commitb7e997b9fba0c8f4c62e72ff25bc3dc32910941b (patch)
tree43699d089ec97c0f402e65322e8f429312a1ab45 /legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
parent[access] read default text for naviframe next, back button which have no label. (diff)
[access] evas_call_smarts_calculate(); makes evas_event_feed_mouse_move();
so new object would be highlighted if there is new object under the previous mouse(cursor) position. to fix this issue, elm_access is using the mouse_event_enable flag. but it would cause a problem as following case: 1. create input window in access module, 2. read something, 3. disable access module this would be resolved by export api to set mouse_event_enable flag the other day. SVN revision: 82933
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1 files changed, 11 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c b/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
index 71fa3ede1e..0da040e09a 100644
--- a/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
+++ b/legacy/elementary/src/lib/elm_win.c
@@ -2000,8 +2000,17 @@ _elm_win_client_message(void *data,
/* there would be better way to read highlight object */
- ecore_x_mouse_in_send(sd->x.xwin, e->data.l[2], e->data.l[3]);
- ecore_x_mouse_move_send(sd->x.xwin, e->data.l[2], e->data.l[3]);
+ Evas *evas;
+ evas = evas_object_evas_get(sd->obj);
+ if (!evas) return ECORE_CALLBACK_PASS_ON;
+ _elm_access_mouse_event_enabled_set(EINA_TRUE);
+ evas_event_feed_mouse_in(evas, 0, NULL);
+ evas_event_feed_mouse_move
+ (evas, e->data.l[2], e->data.l[3], 0, NULL);
+ _elm_access_mouse_event_enabled_set(EINA_FALSE);
else if ((unsigned int)e->data.l[1] ==