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* Add support of yuy2 to emotion_xine module. So now, we can play wmv
movies! I had to make some module API changes: - rename yuv_size_get to video_data_size_get - add the function "Emotion_Format (*format_get) (void *ef);" in Emotion_Video_Module. This function should return the format used by the video (EMOTION_YV12, EMOTION_YUY2 or EMOTION_BGRA). I use a yuy2->bgra converter since evas doesn't support YUY2. This converter should be rewrite since it's really not optimized and since it is under GPLv2 (emotion is under BSD). I added an explicit comment above the function for that, but it'd be better to use a converter under BSD. If it's really incompatible with emotion license, I will remove it. SVN revision: 15675
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diff --git a/legacy/emotion/src/modules/emotion_xine.h b/legacy/emotion/src/modules/emotion_xine.h
index f796bc9369..47bab1a73a 100644
--- a/legacy/emotion/src/modules/emotion_xine.h
+++ b/legacy/emotion/src/modules/emotion_xine.h
@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@ struct _Emotion_Xine_Video_Frame
57{ 57{
58 int w, h; 58 int w, h;
59 double ratio; 59 double ratio;
60 Emotion_Format format;
60 unsigned char *y, *u, *v; 61 unsigned char *y, *u, *v;
62 unsigned char *bgra_data;
61 int y_stride, u_stride, v_stride; 63 int y_stride, u_stride, v_stride;
62 Evas_Object *obj; 64 Evas_Object *obj;
63 double timestamp; 65 double timestamp;