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authorCarsten Haitzler <>2008-10-19 22:45:20 +0000
committerCarsten Haitzler <>2008-10-19 22:45:20 +0000
commitc602dde40bb55a731604ef84d2c6f87ab2ea86bb (patch)
tree1ccfff46191ec7a2f15ecf14366c4244ec78b6ee /legacy/emotion/src/modules/vlc/emotion_vlc.h
parent12939537431610aef9163a3266797cb7180f28c6 (diff)
vlc moduel was utterly wrong - methods wrong comapred to module struct funcs.
fixed. still broken. did this ever work? :) SVN revision: 36825
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/legacy/emotion/src/modules/vlc/emotion_vlc.h b/legacy/emotion/src/modules/vlc/emotion_vlc.h
index 84faccce9f..fa1d54a4e5 100644
--- a/legacy/emotion/src/modules/vlc/emotion_vlc.h
+++ b/legacy/emotion/src/modules/vlc/emotion_vlc.h
@@ -52,18 +52,20 @@ static void em_play (void *ef, double pos);
52static void em_stop (void *ef); 52static void em_stop (void *ef);
53static void em_size_get (void *ef, int *w, int *h); 53static void em_size_get (void *ef, int *w, int *h);
54static void em_pos_set (void *ef, double pos); 54static void em_pos_set (void *ef, double pos);
55static void em_vis_set (void *ef, Emotion_Vis vis);
56static double em_len_get (void *ef); 55static double em_len_get (void *ef);
57static int em_fps_num_get (void *ef); 56static int em_fps_num_get (void *ef);
58static int em_fps_den_get (void *ef); 57static int em_fps_den_get (void *ef);
59static double em_fps_get (void *ef); 58static double em_fps_get (void *ef);
60static double em_pos_get (void *ef); 59static double em_pos_get (void *ef);
60static void em_vis_set (void *ef, Emotion_Vis vis);
61static Emotion_Vis em_vis_get (void *ef); 61static Emotion_Vis em_vis_get (void *ef);
62static Evas_Bool em_vis_supported(void *ef, Emotion_Vis vis);
62static double em_ratio_get (void *ef); 63static double em_ratio_get (void *ef);
63static int em_seekable (void *ef); 64static int em_seekable (void *ef);
64static void em_frame_done (void *ef); 65static void em_frame_done (void *ef);
65static Emotion_Format em_format_get (void *ef); 66static Emotion_Format em_format_get (void *ef);
66static void em_video_data_size_get (void *ef, int *w, int *h); 67static void em_video_data_size_get (void *ef, int *w, int *h);
68static int em_yuv_rows_get (void *ef, int w, int h, unsigned char **yrows, unsigned char **urows, unsigned char **vrows);
67static int em_bgra_data_get (void *ef, unsigned char **bgra_data); 69static int em_bgra_data_get (void *ef, unsigned char **bgra_data);
68static void em_event_feed (void *ef, int event); 70static void em_event_feed (void *ef, int event);
69static void em_event_mouse_button_feed (void *ef, int button, int x, int y); 71static void em_event_mouse_button_feed (void *ef, int button, int x, int y);