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EINA API BREAK: no more individual modules init/shutdown.
Being able to indivually initialize individual modules was initially "good", but at end it's putting complexities on users that would try to "optimize" by doing just what they used, but in the end most people would get them wrong, users would have to do lots of code and etc. At the end it does not worth. Most module init just register handful errors and log domains, so are cheap. The exception is mempool users, that would dlopen() stuff, but people that are concerned (embedded) can just compile those statically in eina. Since at the end any real application would use most of modules, we actually end saving lots of function calls that would do nothing other than increment a global counter. I also did the init/shutdown use an array, making it easier to maintain. The inital dependencies were analysed by a script I wrote, I hope it's all right. Please fix any breakages you find! SVN revision: 42300
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