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evas/cserve2: fix typo that kept cserve2 disabled
now seriously... Introducing Cache Serve 2. This cache server will initially load images for clients connected to it. It starts slave processes to load these images, and share the loaded images through shm with the clients. All the connection done between clients and the server goes through sockets. The cserve2 build option is turned on by default, while the old cserve was disabled, but in order to make clients use it, the environment variable EVAS_CSERVE2 must be set, and a server must be running. Clients will try to find the socket on a specified location using the environment variable EVAS_CSERVE2_SOCKET. If it's not defined, then the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR path should be used, and finally HOME, TMPDIR and /tmp. SVN revision: 70699
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