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11.1 Release Features
3* Fixed cursor and selection handling with bidi text
4* Fixed many general bid issues with text
5* Fixed free bug in key grabs
6* Fixed bug when images are scaled to massive sizes (like 1 billion pixels)
7* Fixed BMP decode for have more pixels per line than the image does
8* Fixed font string parsing bug if font element is too long
9* Fixed crash bug in argb8888 to a8 conversion
10* Fixed textblock bug with cursors in empty textblocks
11* Fixed bug in smart calc array where some objects would be skipped
12* Fixed static linking of BMP and TGA loaders
13* Fixed bug when GL viewport was set with a NULL context
14* Fixed bug when looking for vsync API due to SGI vs EXT differences
15* Fixed bug in evas_object_del where DEL callback happened before HIDE
16* Fixed yinversion bug on some GL surfaces
17* Fixed BMP loader to handle alpha BMPS as solid where all alpha values are 0
18* Fixed clipping with evas map issues
19* Fixed bug where wrong call was used for freeing a mempool object
20* Fixed static linking of GL engine
21* Fixed GL engine to handle if someone uses GL contexts outside of evas
22* Fixed bug in evas_object_textblock_text_markup_prepend that broke cursors
23* Fixed lack of calling pre/post swap callbacks when using OpenGL-ES2
24* Fixed some crashes with load options scaling of SVGs in 2nd pass decode
25* Fixed segfault with evas_textblock_cursor_content_get
26* Fixed libjpeg 8 compilation support on windows
27* Fixed evas table to handle weighting correctly and expansion
28* Fixed evas table to allow fractional weights, not just 0/1
29* Fixed glyph search bug causing inconsitent return values in some cases
30* Fixed compile when --disable-async-preload is used
31* Fixed callback counter bug
32* Fixed grab count and hide bug
33* Fixed infintie loop bug when re-inserting objects during pre-render calc
34* Fixed evas_object_image_data_convert
35* Removed quartz, cairo, qtopia and xrender engines. dead.
36* Improved pre-render speed for rectangles if they are invisible
37* Improved code of textblock and font engine
38* Improved textblock layout speed
39* Improved speed and memory usage of textblock
40* Improved cache handler to also use file size, mode and sub-second timestamp
41* Improved textblock to re-layout only paragraphs that have changed
42* Improved homogenous table layout alignment and sizing
43* Improved textblock linebreaking by using liblinebreak
44* Improved image loader to drop out instantly if image file is a directory
45* Added auto-align feature to textblock
46* Added mixedwrap wrap mode to textblock
47* Added harfbuzzsupport for shaping
48* Added WBMP loader
49* Added mirror mode for tables
50* Added proxy abilities to image objects to choose source ro mirror
51* Added speculative texture cache to the OpenGL engine to avoid texture uploads
52* Added newline policy setting API to textblock
53* Added evas_object_ref and evas_object_unref to defer object deletions
54* Added ICO loader
55* Added evas_object_image_memfile_set to load images from memory
56* Added vertical alignment to textblock
57* Added more shadow directions for text rendering
58* Added runtime italicizing and boldening of fonts that don't have their own
59* Added more bidi API support
60* Added PSD loader
61* Added generic external-process loader for thins like xcf, pdf, video, ps
62* Added password mode to textblock
63* Added GL shader disk cache to avoid re-compilng on start
64* Added evas_textblock_node_format_list_get. API
65* Added smart class usage count get API
66* Added grid layout smart object and API
67* Added evas_event_thaw_eval to help evaluate state and events on event thaw
68* Added textblock support for numeric escapes like "&#x3c;" in markup
69* Added evas_object_image_extension_can_load_get API
70* Added evas_object_image_extension_can_load_fast_get API
71* Added evas_object_image_load_orientation_get API
72* Added evas_object_image_load_orientation_set API
73* Added feature to allow tables to repack the same object without error
74* Added API to get child packing from table
75* Added is_inside implementation for polygon objects
76* Added out-of-order open/close tag support in textblock markup
77* Added support for quoted parameters in tags in textblock markup
78* Added font_weight and font_style formats
79* Added font_width font format
80* Added markup tag to specify language
81* Added evas_textblock_cursor_range_formats_get API
82* Added evas_textblock_cursor_visible_range_get API
83* Added callback prioritization support
84* Added YUV 601 input support for evas_object_image_data_convert
85* Added NV12 colorspace for evas image objects
86* Added MT12 colorspace for evas image objects
87* Added underline dashing suport to textblock
88* Added API to get largest image size
89* Added GL Cocoa engine
90* Changed object allocation to use mempools
91* Changed font engine to use string objects not strings for caching purposes
92* Changed text to display missing unicode char instead of missing glyphs
93* Changed internal file code to use eina_file more
94* Changed jpeg loader to use eina_file