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This finishes up the complete rewrite of evas's backend engines to be cleaner,
meaner, faster and more complete - as well as handling clipping too. Over christmas I added clipping to evas (objects can be clipped by rectangle objects - the clipped objects are also colours by the clipping object) I rewrote the GL engine to be a LOT faster - evas_test shows a good 300-400% speedup. I fixed polygone tessalation in the gl engine (i just wish the gl book would tell me it uses the data in-place instead of making a tmp copy of it!) I made all engines match up pixel-for-pixel with fonts, and the gl engine's texture mech maping works just fine. The X11 engine is now fully functional - it does all objects - text included but it makes serious sacrifices in image quality to get speed (no dithering, no anti-aliased scaling, no alpha blending etc.). Some optmizations in the X11 engine too overall a much more complete implikemntation of evas and its renderers - you shoudl see massiv eimprovements in GL rendeirng and be able to actualyl use the X11 rendering without a problem :) SVN revision: 4052
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