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1Plain English Copyright Notice
3This file is not intended to be the actual License. The reason this file
4exists is that we here are programmers and engineers. We aren't lawyers. We
5provide licenses that we THINK say the right things, but we have our own
6intentions at heart. This is a plain-english explanation of what those
7intentions are, and if you follow them you will be within the "spirit" of
8the license.
10The intent is for us to enjoy writing software that is useful to us (the
11AUTHORS) and allow others to use it freely and also benefit from the work we
12put into making it. We don't want to restrict others using it. They should
13not *HAVE* to make the source code of the applications they write that
14simply link to these libraries (be that statically or dynamically), or for
15them to be limited as to what license they choose to use (be it open, closed
16or anything else). But we would like to know you are using these libraries.
17We simply would like to know that it has been useful to someone. This is why
18we ask for acknowledgement of some sort.
20You can do what you want with the source of this software - it doesn't
21matter. We still have it here for ourselves and it is open and free to use
22and download and play with. It can't be taken away. We don't really mind what
23you do with the source to your software. We would simply like to know that
24you are using it - especially if it makes it to a commerical product. If you
25simply e-mail all the AUTHORS (see COPYING and AUTHORS files) telling us, and
26then make sure you include a paragraph or page in the manual for the product
27with the copyright notice and state that you used this software, we will be
28very happy. If you want to contribute back modifications and fixes you may have
29made we will welcome those too with open arms (generally). If you want help
30with changes needed, ports needed or features to be added, arrangements can
31be easily made with some dialogue.
33Carsten Haitzler <>