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* src/bin/evil_test_environment.c:
check returned value * src/bin/evil_test_memcpy.c: define getpagesize() for vc++ * src/lib/evil_unistd.c: move inclusion of time.h after windsock2.h include direct.h for vc++ use _WIN32_WCE for Windows CE compilers in evil_getcwd() * src/lib/Evil.h: * src/lib/evil_unistd.h: move getcwd() define from Evil.h to evil_unistd.h add some C99 types to Evil.h for vc++ (will be used in eina) * src/lib/evil_fcntl.c: include io.h for vc++ * src/lib/evil_link_xp.cpp: use full name for symlink(). Fix symlink on Windows XP with the DOS prompt or the debugger of Visual Studio. * src/lib/evil_mman.c: don't include unistd.h if vc++ is used * src/lib/evil_stdio.h: formatting * src/lib/evil_stdlib.h: * src/lib/evil_stdlib.c: define putenv only for mingw32ce move the returned value of setenv() SVN revision: 38333
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