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authorVincent Torri <>2011-04-22 05:36:44 +0000
committerVincent Torri <>2011-04-22 05:36:44 +0000
commit02ee0d1ee65f6a79bc2397d1b9c93e90eaa1032c (patch)
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parent902d94afb9497d03e9b6631e15b4aa009b8a8e10 (diff)
Eina: eina_object: Fix integer size on Windows 64 bits
* use unsigned __int64 on Windows 64 bits * use unsigned modifier 'u' to print objects id SVN revision: 58820
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/legacy/eina/src/lib/eina_object.c b/legacy/eina/src/lib/eina_object.c
index 0a6fa9588f..3334f2eefe 100644
--- a/legacy/eina/src/lib/eina_object.c
+++ b/legacy/eina/src/lib/eina_object.c
@@ -64,13 +64,18 @@
64#ifdef _LP64 64#ifdef _LP64
65typedef unsigned long Eina_Object_ID; 65typedef unsigned long Eina_Object_ID;
66typedef unsigned short Eina_Object_Generation; 66typedef unsigned short Eina_Object_Generation;
67#define EINA_GEN_OFFSET 48 67# define EINA_GEN_OFFSET 48
68#define EINA_ID_STR "%li" 68# define EINA_ID_STR "%lu"
69#elif _WIN64
70typedef unsigned __int64 Eina_Object_ID;
71typedef unsigned short Eina_Object_Generation;
72# define EINA_GEN_OFFSET 48
73# define EINA_ID_STR "%I64u"
69#else 74#else
70typedef unsigned int Eina_Object_ID; 75typedef unsigned int Eina_Object_ID;
71typedef unsigned char Eina_Object_Generation; 76typedef unsigned char Eina_Object_Generation;
72#define EINA_GEN_OFFSET 24 77# define EINA_GEN_OFFSET 24
73#define EINA_ID_STR "%i" 78# define EINA_ID_STR "%u"
74#endif 79#endif
75 80
76typedef struct _Eina_Class_Range Eina_Class_Range; 81typedef struct _Eina_Class_Range Eina_Class_Range;