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Efl.Ui.Animation_View: Implement sector playing featureHEADmaster
Summary: play_sector method is API for playing section. If the animation object has section information, user can play the section. Get the start and end section name and get the frame of each section. And set and play the min and max frames of the current animation object. Depends on D10506 Test Plan: For example. Animation objects have "first","second" and "third" sectors. And sector "second" has duration information. User can use it like this: efl_ui_animation_view_play_sector(anim_view, "first", "second"); efl_ui_animation_view_play_sector(anim_view, "second", NULL); efl_ui_animation_view_play_sector(anim_view, "first", NULL); // first sector ~ end frame of animation object. efl_ui_animation_view_play_sector(anim_view, "second", "third"); efl_ui_animation_view_play_sector(anim_view, "second", "wrong name"); Reviewers: Hermet, smohanty, kimcinoo Reviewed By: Hermet Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
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