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efl: almost final ecore/evas/ecore-evas options integration.
Many changes in this commit, but overall it should work. If not let me know. * ECORE_CHECK_X_EXTENSION() will now fail if Xlib extension is not found. * remove usage of ECORE_EVAS_CHECK_MODULE(), using the simplified ECORE_EVAS_MODULE() * EVAS_CHECK_ENGINE() will not declare an option anymore. * fixed --with-x11 and --with-opengl regarding defaults. * fixed typo in EVAS_STATIC_BUILD_SOFTWARE_X11 -> XLIB conditional * simplified Xi2 and Xgestures support under --enable-gesture. Let me know if these should be checked separately. * remove every other X extension option, they are all forced by now. If no major showstopper appears with this we may remove all the #ifdef in the code! If there is something broken, let me know. Next on the list for the weekend is to finish the option checks for SDL, Wayland-EGL, Cocoa and similar. SVN revision: 80505
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