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authorGwanglim Lee <gl77.lee@samsung.com>2014-08-28 13:36:59 -0400
committerChris Michael <cp.michael@samsung.com>2014-08-28 13:37:28 -0400
commit00382bb6a6e73c021ecfda3c90598777d7f7b084 (patch)
treec496b5c23091d336a4ae9e3b4f08a2a313935077 /m4
parentecore-drm: Print out failed device name during setup (diff)
gl-drm: Fix missing link to gbm for ecore_evas_drm and clean up build script
@fix Summary: This fixes following build script problems for ecore_evas_drm engine module. 1. Missing link to gbm for ecore_evas_drm if '--enable-gl-drm' option is given. ecore_evas_drm engine is using gbm function if it builds with that config option. To be more exact, ecore_evas_gl_drm_new_internal function needs gbm. Thus we need to add gbm library linking '-lgbm' to ecore_evas_drm engine module if '--enable-gl-drm' option is given. I've added this build script to m4/ecore_check_module.m4 file. 2. Wrong gbm dependency check code in configure.ac EFL_OPTIONAL_INTERNAL_DEPEND_PKG m4 macro function is designed for checking dependency of efl internal libraries. Thus we should remove gbm pkg name when configuring ecore_evas_drm engine module. It would be better to move dependency check for gbm to m4/ecore_check_module.m4 file. And one more thing want_drm value has to be changed to want_gl_drm in ECORE_EVAS_MODULE([gl-drm]...). 3. BUILD_ECORE_EVAS_OPENGL_DRM macro is always defined in configure.ac. This kind of macro, BUILD_EFL_MODULE_NAME, has to be defined only if given module is enabled. But this macro value was just defined with no test. And it is even useless, we can use BUILD_ECORE_EVAS_GL_DRM macro which is defined by ECORE_EVAS_MODULE([gl-drm], [${want_gl_drm}],...) function. So I've removed that from configure.ac. Test Plan: 1. Configure with --enable-gl-drm: $ ./autogen.sh --enable-drm --enable-gl-drm 2. Build: $ make && make install 3. Check module.so of ecore_evas_drm engine whether it has a library dependency with gbm: $ readelf -a $EFL_GIT/src/modules/ecore_evas/engines/drm/.libs/module.so | grep NEEDED Reviewers: raster, stefan_schmidt, devilhorns Reviewed By: devilhorns Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D1379
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1 files changed, 13 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/m4/ecore_check_module.m4 b/m4/ecore_check_module.m4
index 5981fd7f3a..c34a342899 100644
--- a/m4/ecore_check_module.m4
+++ b/m4/ecore_check_module.m4
@@ -7,12 +7,25 @@ m4_pushdef([DOWN], m4_translit([[$1]], [-A-Z], [_a-z]))dnl
if test "x$want_module" = "xyes" || test "x$want_module" = "xstatic"; then
AC_DEFINE([BUILD_ECORE_EVAS_]m4_defn([UP]), [1], [Support for $1 Engine in Ecore_Evas])
+ if test "x$1" = "xgl-drm"; then
+ ecore_evas_engines_[]m4_defn([DOWN])[]_cflags="${GBM_CFLAGS}"
+ ecore_evas_engines_[]m4_defn([DOWN])[]_libs="${GBM_LIBS}"
+ fi
EFL_ADD_FEATURE([ECORE_EVAS], [$1], [${want_module}])dnl
AM_CONDITIONAL([BUILD_ECORE_EVAS_]UP, [test "x$have_ecore_evas_]m4_defn([DOWN])[" = "xyes"])dnl