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authorDaniel Kolesa <d.kolesa@samsung.com>2018-11-12 15:43:13 +0100
committerDaniel Kolesa <d.kolesa@samsung.com>2018-11-12 15:43:13 +0100
commitac95f38d1b06ac6977ea6d8b9f14f9405396858f (patch)
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parentefl interface: update efl_gfx_shape_stroke_dash doc. (diff)
cxx: explicitly require c++11 and fix tests to conform
We weren't setting a C++ version for build previously, which would result in compiler specific default being used, most likely C++11 with GNU extensions on modern compilers and C++03 with GNU exts on old compilers. This is bad because it potentially breaks build on older toolchains that don't default to a modern C++. Now we enable pure C++11 without GNU exts; this resulted in some of the build breaking because of use of typeof() GNU C/C++ ext in tests code, so fix that to use standard decltype() from C++11. @fix
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diff --git a/meson.build b/meson.build
index 6e1a574ca8..9c090149fa 100644
--- a/meson.build
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
project('efl', ['c','cpp'],
version: '1.21.99',
- default_options : ['buildtype=plain'],
+ default_options : ['buildtype=plain', 'cpp_std=c++11'],
meson_version : '>=0.47'