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eolian: scan system dir by default
The '-S' option lets you reverse that. But by default, most people will want the prefix to be scanned for eo files.
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ includedir=@includedir@
5datarootdir=@datarootdir@ 5datarootdir=@datarootdir@
6datadir=@datadir@ 6datadir=@datadir@
7eoincludedir=@datadir@/eolian/include 7eoincludedir=@datadir@/eolian/include
8eolian_flags=-I${pc_sysrootdir}${eoincludedir}/eo-@VMAJ@ 8eolian_flags=-S -I${pc_sysrootdir}${eoincludedir}/eo-@VMAJ@
9 9
10Name: Eo 10Name: Eo
11Description: EFL's generic object system library. 11Description: EFL's generic object system library.