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efl_net_{socket,dialer,server}_simple: easy to use, buffered network sockets.
The low level I/O primitives are powerful but adds some complexity to use, for bi-directional streaming communication one ends creating two Efl.Io.Queue and two Efl.Io.Copier to pipe data to socket when it can operate. Then encapsulate the socket using the new Efl.Io.Buffered_Stream, this will allow the socket, be a dialer or a server client, to be operated as a single handle that internally carries about the buffering for you. As one can see in the examples, compared to their "manual" alternatives they are very easy to use, ressembling Ecore_Con_Server/Ecore_Con_Client, but also offers line-based delimiters and the possibility to let the socket to handle queueing for you in case you received partial messages (just do not read/clear/discard the received data).
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