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build: make sure we have the new fonts subdir in evas test for dist
This is one o the odds of the EXTRA_DIST2 workaround I did to avoid the to long arguments error we started to get a while ago. Normally autotools would handle this but as we copy the files in a hook we also need to amke sure the folder is created.
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@@ -165,6 +165,7 @@ install-examples:
165dist-hook: 165dist-hook:
166 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/elua/data/apps $(distdir)/tests/eolian/data 166 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/elua/data/apps $(distdir)/tests/eolian/data
167 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/evas/images $(distdir)/tests/evas/meshes 167 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/evas/images $(distdir)/tests/evas/meshes
168 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/evas/fonts
168 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/efreet/data $(distdir)/tests/edje/data 169 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/efreet/data $(distdir)/tests/edje/data
169 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/emotion/data $(distdir)/tests/evas/meshes/md2 170 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/emotion/data $(distdir)/tests/evas/meshes/md2
170 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/evas/meshes/obj $(distdir)/tests/efreet/data/sub 171 @mkdir -p $(distdir)/tests/evas/meshes/obj $(distdir)/tests/efreet/data/sub