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eldbus-cxx: Implementation of eldbus C++ API
Summary: Applications can: void method_callback(void* data, const Eldbus_Service_Interface* iface, const Eldbus_Message* message); struct { ... } data_struct; Eldbus_Method methods[] = { "method1", ELDBUS_ARGS("b", "bool"), ELDBUS_ARGS("b", "bool"), ELDBUS_METHOD_FLAG_HAS_DATA , (Eldbus_Method_Cb)&method_callback, &data_struct }; And method_callback will be called with data parameter pointing to data_struct global object. Also, Eldbus-cxx supports registering an interface passing a lambda or function object as method. For example: edb::service_interface iface = edb::service_interface_register (c, path, interface , es::method("SendStringAndBool" , [expected_string, expected_bool] (std::string const& n, bool b , bool* out) { std::cout << "Running SendStringAndBool" << std::endl; ck_assert(n == expected_string); ck_assert(b == expected_bool); *out = b; return n; } , es::ins<std::string, bool>("string", "bool") , es::outs<std::string, bool>("string", "bool") ) ); When a request for "SendStringAndBool" with the proper signature is called, executes the lambda and replies with the return value and its bool* out parameter value. Reviewers: cedric, woohyun, raster CC: savio, cedric Differential Revision:
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