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evas/gesture: Fix up a couple of APIs, add some FIXME
Some things have clearly not been tested. Some APIs have not been modified after repeated review comments. C++ failed to build due to "long" being used as a namespace. Remaining issues: - The original finger_list API was broken by design. I didn't try to replace it yet. - Long tap is also broken by design: if no move happens the recognizer gets no event, and doesn't trigger anything when the timeout is reached. An API or event is lacking here. - Only 2 very basic gestures have been implemented. All the gestures from elm_gesture_layer need to be covered. None of the multi touch support has been really implemented, except for a single bool flag. - The configuration must be loaded from elm_config, passed on to the recognizers. - Some micro optimization may be required, especially if the input device is high frequency (eg. 1KHz gaming mouse).
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@@ -339,6 +339,7 @@ tests_evas_cxx_cxx_compile_test_SOURCES = tests/evas_cxx/
339tests_evas_cxx_cxx_compile_test_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/efl \ 339tests_evas_cxx_cxx_compile_test_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/efl \
340 -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/efl/interfaces/ \ 340 -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/efl/interfaces/ \
341 -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/evas/canvas/ \ 341 -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/evas/canvas/ \
342 -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/evas/gesture/ \
342 -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/evas/include/ \ 343 -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/evas/include/ \
343 -DTESTS_SRC_DIR=\"$(top_srcdir)/src/tests/evas_cxx\" \ 344 -DTESTS_SRC_DIR=\"$(top_srcdir)/src/tests/evas_cxx\" \
344 -DTESTS_BUILD_DIR=\"$(top_builddir)/src/tests/evas_cxx\" \ 345 -DTESTS_BUILD_DIR=\"$(top_builddir)/src/tests/evas_cxx\" \