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authorGustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri@profusion.mobi>2016-10-18 18:51:59 -0200
committerGustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri@profusion.mobi>2016-10-18 19:04:00 -0200
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parentefl_net_socket_tcp: only emit error message if cork is being enabled. (diff)
efl_net_dialer_udp: "connect" to an UDP server to send and receive data.
Like existing ecore_con code, this does not use SOCKSv5 UDP proxy. It's kinda cumbersome to add since requires a keep alive TCP connection to the server, a second UDP channel and framing around the original UDP frame. Added UDP_CORK (if present) to match TCP_UDP present in TCP sockets, this allows one to execute multiple write() calls that will result in a single datagram, generated when CORK becomes FALSE again. The efl_io_copier_example.c now accepts this as output. There is no input UDP as there is no way to notify the server of a connection (since such thing doesn't exit), usually servers react after a datagram is received, replying to the source.
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diff --git a/src/Makefile_Ecore_Con.am b/src/Makefile_Ecore_Con.am
index ae7166d9e2..e5a5cd081a 100644
--- a/src/Makefile_Ecore_Con.am
+++ b/src/Makefile_Ecore_Con.am
@@ -9,8 +9,10 @@ ecore_con_eolian_files = \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket.eo \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket_fd.eo \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket_tcp.eo \
+ lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket_udp.eo \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer.eo \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_tcp.eo \
+ lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_udp.eo \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_http.eo \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_websocket.eo \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_server.eo \
@@ -73,8 +75,10 @@ lib/ecore_con/ecore_con_info.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket_fd.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket_tcp.c \
+lib/ecore_con/efl_net_socket_udp.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_tcp.c \
+lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_udp.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_http.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_dialer_websocket.c \
lib/ecore_con/efl_net_server.c \