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Canvas layout: support more Efl.Text.* with efl_part
This adds many Efl.Text.* that are useful for manipulating the underlying TEXTBLOCK object's propeties using efl_part. This has been implemented as part of the "user-defined" properties of the layout part, so that the changes on the part persist across load of different groups. Note that text styles have precedence over the TEXTBLOCK (Canvas.Text) object's properties. if an edc provides a style, the properties it manipulates as part of the "base:" string would not be affected by this API. In general, this helps reducing the amount of styles for objects (or modes of the same objects) that share the same setup, but are different in some properties (e.g. ellipsis, wrap etc). @feature Canvas layout: add text part "expand" property This adds "expansion modes", which are essentially the same as min/max hints in the edje part's 'description.text' fields. The user can then customize his widget to different modes without being forced to create a new edje group in the theme. Note that there is an added check in case one of the min/max text flags are provided from the theme. In such case, all flags from this new API will be ignored. This fortifies misuse where the flags are set both in theme and the API. @feature
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@@ -300,6 +300,7 @@ tests/edje/data/test_signals.edc \
300tests/edje/data/test_signal_callback_del_full.edc \ 300tests/edje/data/test_signal_callback_del_full.edc \
301tests/edje/data/test_text_cursor.edc \ 301tests/edje/data/test_text_cursor.edc \
302tests/edje/data/test_textblock.edc \ 302tests/edje/data/test_textblock.edc \
303tests/edje/data/test_text.edc \
303tests/edje/data/filter.lua 304tests/edje/data/filter.lua
304 305
305 306
@@ -350,6 +351,7 @@ EDJE_TEST_FILES = tests/edje/data/test_layout.edj \
350 tests/edje/data/test_signal_callback_del_full.edj \ 351 tests/edje/data/test_signal_callback_del_full.edj \
351 tests/edje/data/test_text_cursor.edj \ 352 tests/edje/data/test_text_cursor.edj \
352 tests/edje/data/test_textblock.edj \ 353 tests/edje/data/test_textblock.edj \
354 tests/edje/data/test_text.edj \
353 $(NULL) 355 $(NULL)
354 356