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efl_debugd: don't compile this on macOS
Well, the build is broken again on macOS :( efl_debugd is full of platform-specific code: network and epoll. To make it compile (not work as expected, just compile), we would need to comment out most of efl_debugd's code. So instead of having a crippled, useless binary, just don't compile it on macOS. This unbreaks the build for macOS.
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@@ -162,9 +162,15 @@ endif
162 162
163### Binary 163### Binary
164 164
165bin_PROGRAMS += \ 165bin_PROGRAMS += bin/efl/efl_debug
166bin/efl/efl_debugd \ 166
167bin/efl/efl_debug 167# FIXME efl_debugd for now is too linux-specific. It cannot compile under
168# macOS/windows without commenting out most of the code. So, instead of
169# having an efl_debugd that won't do anything on macOS, we just wont't
170# compile it, until we've made it cross-platform.
171if !HAVE_OSX
172bin_PROGRAMS += bin/efl/efl_debugd
168 174
169bin_efl_efl_debugd_SOURCES = bin/efl/efl_debugd.c 175bin_efl_efl_debugd_SOURCES = bin/efl/efl_debugd.c
170bin_efl_efl_debugd_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_builddir)/src/bin/efl @EINA_CFLAGS@ @ECORE_CFLAGS@ @ECORE_CON_CFLAGS@ 176bin_efl_efl_debugd_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_builddir)/src/bin/efl @EINA_CFLAGS@ @ECORE_CFLAGS@ @ECORE_CON_CFLAGS@