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Eolian/Generator: support @empty and @auto.
Local and base class functions are supported. When @empty is provided, dummy functions (initializing the parameters with default values if needed) are generated. When @auto is provided on properties, access to internal data variables is done. On set, it will assign parameters values to private data members. On get, parameters are set with private data members values. See the supplied tests as examples. @feature
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117tests/eolian/data/free_func.eo \ 117tests/eolian/data/free_func.eo \
118tests/eolian/data/typedef_ref.c \ 118tests/eolian/data/typedef_ref.c \
119tests/eolian/data/struct_ref.c \ 119tests/eolian/data/struct_ref.c \
120tests/eolian/data/class_simple_ref.c 120tests/eolian/data/class_simple_ref.c \
121 122