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authorSavio Sena <savio@expertisesolutions.com.br>2014-05-03 00:55:51 +0200
committerCedric Bail <cedric.bail@free.fr>2014-05-03 00:56:32 +0200
commit46b6e8a563bd429690e7bffba4e98d06aa40798d (patch)
treeb7a2aebfc32bcc6d7a2600072a00d69a9f68d9a1 /src/Makefile_Eolian_Cxx_Helper.am
parenteina-cxx: add eina_integer_sequence, eina_optional and their tests. (diff)
eolian_cxx: initial version of the EFL C++ Bindings Generator.
Summary: This patch adds 'eolian_cxx' -- a C++ bindings generator -- to the EFL tree. Eolian Cxx uses Eolian API to read .eo files and generate .eo.hh. It relies/depends on Eo Cxx and Eina Cxx (both non-generated bindings). src/bin/eolian_cxx: The eolian_cxx program. src/lib/eolian_cxx: A header-only library that implements the C++ code generation that binds the .eo classes. =Examples= src/examples/eolian_cxx/eolian_cxx_simple_01.cc: The simplest example, it just uses some "dummy" generated C++ classes. src/examples/eolian_cxx/eolian_cxx_inherit_01.cc: Illustrates how pure C++ classes inherit from .eo generated classes. src/examples/evas/evas_cxx_rectangle.cc: More realistic example using the generated bindings Evas Cxx. Still a bit shallow because we don't have full fledged .eo descriptions yet, but will be improved. =Important= The generated code is not supported and not a stable API/ABI. It is here to gather people interest and get review before we set things in stone for release 1.11. @feature Reviewers: cedric, smohanty, raster, stefan_schmidt CC: felipealmeida, JackDanielZ, cedric, stefan Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D805 Signed-off-by: Cedric Bail <cedric.bail@free.fr>
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diff --git a/src/Makefile_Eolian_Cxx_Helper.am b/src/Makefile_Eolian_Cxx_Helper.am
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index 0000000000..3c85669074
--- /dev/null
+++ b/src/Makefile_Eolian_Cxx_Helper.am
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+EOLIAN_CXX = @eolian_cxx@
+_EOLIAN_CXX_DEP = @eolian_cxx@
+EOLIAN_CXX = EFL_RUN_IN_TREE=1 $(top_builddir)/src/bin/eolian_cxx/eolian_cxx${EXEEXT}
+_EOLIAN_CXX_DEP = bin/eolian_cxx/eolian_cxx${EXEEXT}
+AM_V_EOLCXX = $(am__v_EOLCXX_@AM_V@)
+am__v_EOLCXX_ = $(am__v_EOLCXX_@AM_DEFAULT_V@)
+am__v_EOLCXX_0 = @echo " EOLCXX " $@;
+SUFFIXES += .eo.hh
+%.eo.hh: %.eo $(_EOLIAN_CXX_DEP)