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evas/cserve2: Implement shared index and buffers
Only import the C file for now. Implement the following features: - Shared Arrays Store arrays of elements of fixed size in shm. - Shared Mempool Store random sized buffers in shm. These buffers are indexed in a Shared Array and are referred to using their index only. - Shared Strings Store strings in a shm in a way similar to Eina_Stringshare (except strings are referred to using an int index). - Include evas_cserve2_index.c to the compilation. - Declare shared index functions in header file. - Call init() and shutdown() on the shared index subsystem. - Add find and foreach functions
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@@ -1013,6 +1013,7 @@ bin/evas/evas_cserve2_requests.c \
1013bin/evas/evas_cserve2_fonts.c \ 1013bin/evas/evas_cserve2_fonts.c \
1014bin/evas/evas_cserve2_scale.c \ 1014bin/evas/evas_cserve2_scale.c \
1015bin/evas/evas_cserve2_main_loop_linux.c \ 1015bin/evas/evas_cserve2_main_loop_linux.c \
1016bin/evas/evas_cserve2_index.c \
1016lib/evas/cserve2/evas_cs2_utils.h \ 1017lib/evas/cserve2/evas_cs2_utils.h \
1017lib/evas/cserve2/evas_cs2_utils.c 1018lib/evas/cserve2/evas_cs2_utils.c
1018 1019