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committerStefan Schmidt <>2014-10-23 14:45:07 +0200
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evas/cserve2_slave: Fix build race with linking to eo but not depending on it.
I have not been able to reproduce this myself but I have seen a build log where the binary tries to link to libeo and fails due to the missing file. A similar problem was "fixed" in 0e4b847deb79c957dbc042ea0c6a98282aead6e0, but this really makes me wonder where the linking against eo comes from for cserve2 which is not using eo as far as I can see.
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diff --git a/src/ b/src/
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--- a/src/
+++ b/src/
@@ -1273,7 +1273,7 @@ bin_evas_evas_cserve2_slave_CPPFLAGS = -I$(top_builddir)/src/lib/efl \
1274 1274
1275bin_evas_evas_cserve2_slave_LDADD = @EVAS_CSERVE2_SLAVE_LIBS@ @USE_EINA_LIBS@ 1275bin_evas_evas_cserve2_slave_LDADD = @EVAS_CSERVE2_SLAVE_LIBS@ @USE_EINA_LIBS@
1276bin_evas_evas_cserve2_slave_DEPENDENCIES = @USE_EINA_INTERNAL_LIBS@ 1276bin_evas_evas_cserve2_slave_DEPENDENCIES = @USE_EINA_INTERNAL_LIBS@ @USE_EO_INTERNAL_LIBS@
1277bin_evas_evas_cserve2_slave_LDFLAGS = -export-dynamic 1277bin_evas_evas_cserve2_slave_LDFLAGS = -export-dynamic
1278 1278
1279bin_evas_dummy_slave_SOURCES = \ 1279bin_evas_dummy_slave_SOURCES = \