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ecore-x: add new grab touch devices functionality.
Summary: EFL currently supports pointer grabbing. This patch introduces new API allowing to grab all slave touch devices registered in X server Grabbing is performed by XIGrabDevice function from XInput 2.0. By default ecore_x_input_touch_devices_grab grabs all XISlavePointer devices, having XITouchInfoClass. Function returns EINA_TRUE if at least one touch device was successfully grabbed. ecore_x_input_touch_devices_ungrab ungrabs all previously grabbed devices. To process events correctly change has been done in x_input_handler to emulate mouse pointer events. If XITouchEmulatingPointer flag is set on touch events and device is grabbed framework will generate mouse events. This is required due to X Server design in which mouse events are no longer send to client when device is detached (grabbed) from virtual core pointer. @feature Reviewers: cedric, raster, devilhorns Subscribers: seoz, cedric Differential Revision:
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