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efl-mono: Remove trailings from template file
Summary: The trailings end up in the final version, which causes it to create a invalid XML file. Reviewers: bu5hm4n, woohyun, segfaultxavi Reviewed By: bu5hm4n Subscribers: cedric, segfaultxavi, woohyun, #reviewers, bu5hm4n, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
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@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
1<configuration> 1<configuration>
2 <dllmap dll=\"eina\" target=\"@EINA@\"/> 2 <dllmap dll="eina" target="@EINA@"/>
3 <dllmap dll=\"efl\" target=\"@EFL@\"/> 3 <dllmap dll="efl" target="@EFL@"/>
4 <dllmap dll=\"ecore\" target=\"@ECORE@\"/> 4 <dllmap dll="ecore" target="@ECORE@"/>
5 <dllmap dll=\"eo\" target=\"@EO@\"/> 5 <dllmap dll="eo" target="@EO@"/>
6 <dllmap dll=\"evas\" target=\"@EVAS@\"/> 6 <dllmap dll="evas" target="@EVAS@"/>
7 <dllmap dll=\"eldbus\" target=\"@ELDBUS@\"/> 7 <dllmap dll="eldbus" target="@ELDBUS@"/>
8 <dllmap dll=\"elementary\" target=\"@ELEMENTARY@\"/> 8 <dllmap dll="elementary" target="@ELEMENTARY@"/>
9</configuration> 9</configuration>