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Evas object: Add paragraph_direciton APIs
Summary: It adds evas_object_paragraph_direction_set, get APIs. The APIs set or get paragraph direction to/from the given object. It changes BiDi calculations and affect the direction and aligning of text. It doesn't have any effect to text without Fribidi library. The default paragraph direction is EVAS_BIDI_DIRECTION_INHERIT. If dir is EVAS_BIDI_DIRECTION_INHERIT, paragraph direction is changed according to smart parent object. If there is no smart parent object, paragraph direction works as EVAS_BIDI_DIRECTION_NEUTRAL. @feature Test Plan: Test cases included to the following files. - evas_test_textblock.c - evas_test_text.c - evas_test_object_smart.c Run "make check". Reviewers: woohyun, raster, herdsman, tasn Subscribers: c, raster, cedric Differential Revision:
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