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efl-mono: Correctly load dynamic libs for OSX
Summary: OSX libs end with `.dylib`, so it made failed to load libs, for instance dl name is `dl.dylib` making it unable to load as it was before (``). Test Plan: Compare with master and note that this diff is able to fail on tests, and not about importing libs. - Configure as especified by Enlightenment man page + `-Dbindigns=mono -Ddotnet=true`: ``` meson -Dsystemd=false -Dv4l2=false -Davahi=false -Deeze=false -Dx11=false -Dopengl=full -Dcocoa=true -Dnls=false -Demotion-loaders-disabler=gstreamer1,libvlc,xine -Decore-imf-loaders-disabler=scim,ibus -Dbindigns=cxx,mono -Ddotnet=true --prefix=$PWD/prefix build ``` - Build normally - Test `efl-mono-suite` Reviewers: felipealmeida Reviewed By: felipealmeida Subscribers: stefan_schmidt, cedric, #reviewers, #committers, woohyun Tags: #efl, #expertise_solutions Differential Revision:
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