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cxx: Fix some examples, disable or remove others
make examples now builds all c++ examples but some of them are in fact empty skeletons. Those either need some c++ love or the final eo api to be ready (eg. menu, popup, ...). I removed some examples that don't have an exact equivalent in EO since the widget is legacy only.
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@@ -1,12 +1,7 @@
1#ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H 1#include <Elementary.hh>
2#include "config.h"
3#include "elementary_config.h"
5 2
6#warning This example can't be implemented with EO APIs... FIXME 3#warning This example can't be implemented with EO APIs... FIXME
7 4
8#include <Elementary.hh>
10using efl::eo::instantiate; 5using efl::eo::instantiate;
11 6
12#define SECS_DAY 86400 7#define SECS_DAY 86400