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Efl.Ui.Text : all related interfaces
Summary: Change summary: Removed : - efl_ui_text_selectable.eo and add it functionality into efl_text_interactive.eo - efl_ui_text_editable.eo because it is same as efl_ui_text.eo (just set one property by default) Modifications: - Move all Text Input enums and functionality from efl_ui_text class into its own interface, this interface will be implemented at efl_ui_internal_text_interactive class. - Rename selection_allowed property to selectable (same as other "editable" property) in efl_text_interactive - Add select_all function into efl_text_interactive interface - Add have_selection property into efl_text_interactive interface - Move user_change , selection_start/change/clear and undo/redo events into efl_text_interactive interface. - Move methods and events of copy/paste/cut into efl_ui_text - Fix password-related functionality - Remove context menu clear and add_item methods. (these should be added later with better design) - Remove Validation event from EFL_UI_TEXT. (these should be added later with better design) Reviewers: woohyun, tasn, segfaultxavi, zmike, bu5hm4n Subscribers: stefan_schmidt, a.srour, q66, zmike, segfaultxavi, cedric Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
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diff --git a/src/examples/elementary/efl_ui_list_example_1.c b/src/examples/elementary/efl_ui_list_example_1.c
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--- a/src/examples/elementary/efl_ui_list_example_1.c
+++ b/src/examples/elementary/efl_ui_list_example_1.c
@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@
17# include <elm_general.h> 17# include <elm_general.h>
18# include <efl_text_interactive.eo.h> 18# include <efl_text_interactive.eo.h>
19# include <efl_ui_text.eo.h> 19# include <efl_ui_text.eo.h>
20# include <efl_ui_text_editable.eo.h>
21# include <efl_ui_text_async.eo.h> 20# include <efl_ui_text_async.eo.h>
22 21
23#define NUM_ITEMS 400 22#define NUM_ITEMS 400