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Rename Efl.Ui.Direction -> Efl.Ui.Layout_Orientation
Summary: This clarifies a bit the whole Orientation vs. Direction confusion, at the expense of longer names (Image_Orientation vs. Layout_Orientation). Also, the interfaces are now adjectives (Orientable) and the enums have long names (*_Orientation). Pretty big patch, but no functional changes. Relates to T7863 Test Plan: Everything builds and passes tests. Elementary_tests show same behavior, including the "inverted" widgets, which are the only parts which received a bit of code changes. Proof: Reviewers: zmike, bu5hm4n, cedric Reviewed By: zmike Subscribers: #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ efl_main(void *data EINA_UNUSED, const Efl_Event *ev EINA_UNUSED)
17 win.autohide_set(true); 17 win.autohide_set(true);
18 18
19 efl::ui::Box bx(instantiate, win); 19 efl::ui::Box bx(instantiate, win);
20 bx.direction_set(EFL_UI_DIR_HORIZONTAL); 20 bx.orientation_set(EFL_UI_LAYOUT_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL);
21 win.content_set(bx); 21 win.content_set(bx);
22 22
23 efl::ui::Radio radio(instantiate, win); 23 efl::ui::Radio radio(instantiate, win);