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eolian_cxx: Fix Eolian C++ generated wrapper inconsistencies
In Reading functions instead of implements to convert the Eolian_Class. It avoids creation of methods that do not belong to the class, in special it avoids calling the default constructor twice in the generated code. No longer generating one constructor in the C++ wrapper for each eolian class constructor, since the correct behavior demands that all constructor should be called. Now the wrappers have "constructor methods" that must be called when creating a new object. Updated test cases and examples to match the new interface. Some class constructors and some test cases have to be removed since they were based on the wrong assumption that constructors are mutually exclusive. Created new generators for forwarding parameters and for looping over the relevant parameters to the C++ wrapper executing a generic lambda. Added a TODO comment regarding the call of constructor methods of all base classes. Currently there is no base type with constructors, so this situation should be discussed more. Added a TODO comment regarding the way callback parameters are being processed.
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--- a/src/examples/eolian_cxx/colourable_stub.h
+++ b/src/examples/eolian_cxx/colourable_stub.h
@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@ typedef struct _Colourable_Data Colourable_Data;
15 15
16void _colourable_eo_base_constructor(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self); 16void _colourable_eo_base_constructor(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self);
17void _colourable_eo_base_destructor(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self); 17void _colourable_eo_base_destructor(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self);
18void _colourable_rgb_composite_constructor(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self, int r, int g, int b);
19void _colourable_rgb_24bits_constructor(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self, int rgb); 18void _colourable_rgb_24bits_constructor(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self, int rgb);
20void _colourable_print_colour(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self); 19void _colourable_print_colour(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self);
21void _colourable_print_colour(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self); 20void _colourable_print_colour(Eo *obj, Colourable_Data *self);