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eolian_cxx: Fix "dreaded diamond" inheritance problem for C++ wrappers
Solved diamond inheritance problem by completely removing inheritance in the abstract class. All ancestors are inherited directly in the concrete class. The algorithm that list the ancestors also avoid repetition. Now concrete classes define methods too. This helps referring the correct method directly by the object type (when there are methods with the same name). Moved the declaration and definition of constructor methods to the concrete class, since they should not be used in derived classes. Updated example that call "color_set". With this model, if two ancestor classes have a method with the same name, to call one of them from a derived class you must write the scoped name of the member function in the wrapper. In this case, either Evas.Object and Evas.SmartObject have a property named "color". Added "from_global" option to the full_name grammar too.
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@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ example_complex_types()
74 74
75 efl::evas::grid grid(efl::eo::parent = canvas); 75 efl::evas::grid grid(efl::eo::parent = canvas);
76 grid.position_set(0, 0); 76 grid.position_set(0, 0);
77 grid.color_set(0, 0, 0, 255); 77 grid.object_smart::color_set(0, 0, 0, 255);
78 grid.size_set(5, 5); 78 grid.size_set(5, 5);
79 grid.visibility_set(true); 79 grid.visibility_set(true);
80 80