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ecore_time.c: do not mess with the representation of clockid_t.
Clockid_t should be used as an opaque type. Some platform might want to (and even do, e.g. DragonFlyBSD) declare clockid_t as an unsigned. On such platform, testing the sign of clockid_t is never false, and assigning it a negative value is an UB, which makes this code unlikely to work as intended. Fixes black window on dragonfly! Thanks to gcc for spotting this. CC lib/ecore/lib_ecore_libecore_la-ecore_time.lo In file included from ../src/lib/eina/Eina.h:215:0, from lib/ecore/Ecore.h:304, from lib/ecore/ecore_time.c:18: lib/ecore/ecore_time.c: In function 'ecore_time_get': Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
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