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Ector: Implement pixel buffer support
The objective of this patch is to propose a standardized format for pixel buffers to use within Ector and Evas. The basic EO API provided here is not meant to be the fastest path for all operations, simply the most convenient to generalize. Performance will be achieved by implementing (or porting) custom draw functions. This implements support for: - Generic pixel buffers - Generic buffer renderer to draw images with ector - Software engine pixel buffers, ie. malloc buffers - Software buffer renderer Cairo support has not been implemented yet. The only renderer is still extremely limited, as it does not support Fill modes, Scaling, etc... yet. Not a single line from this patch has been tested yet. It compiles. That's pretty damn good for a start! @feature
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1class Ector.Software.Buffer (Ector.Generic.Buffer)
3 [[A buffer in Ector Software is a readable & optionally writable image]]
4 legacy_prefix: null;
5 methods {
6 pixels_clear @protected {
7 [[Clear internal pixel buffer]]
8 }
9 }
10 implements {
11 Eo.Base.destructor;
12 Ector.Generic.Buffer.flags.get;
13 Ector.Generic.Buffer.pixels_set;
14 Ector.Generic.Buffer.span_get;
15 Ector.Generic.Buffer.span_free;
17 Ector.Generic.Buffer.unmap;
18 }