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parentedje: Unify load error types for image and edje (EO) (diff)
edje: Remove part_object_get from EO
Ooooh. This one might be controversial, as some apps definitely use the function. But it is so easily abused. For our EO API we are trying to not expose any internal object, as this prevents us from making changes to the internal behaviour and structure. All the features that this API provided should be limited to read-only access to the internal object. In order to replace this, we will have to return an Efl.Part object that implements all those APIs: geometry_get, visibility_get, etc...
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@@ -823,31 +823,6 @@ class Edje.Object (Efl.Canvas.Group.Clipped, Efl.File, Efl.Container, Efl.Part,
- @property part_object {
- get {
- [[Gets a handle to the Evas object implementing a given Edje
- part, in an Edje object.
- This function gets a pointer of the Evas object corresponding to a
- given part in the obj object's group.
- You should never modify the state of the returned object (with
- \@ref evas_object_move() or \@ref evas_object_hide() for example),
- because it's meant to be managed by Edje, solely. You are safe to
- query information about its current state (with
- evas_object_visible_get() or \@ref evas_object_color_get() for
- example), though.
- Note: If the type of Edje part is GROUP, SWALLOW or EXTERNAL,
- returned handle by this function will indicate nothing or transparent
- rectangle for events. Use $.part_swallow_get() in that case.]]
- return: const(Efl.Canvas.Object); [[A pointer to the Evas object implementing the given part,
- $null on failure (e.g. the given part doesn't exist)]]
- }
- keys {
- part: string; [[The Edje part's name]]
- }
- }
@property part_state {
get {
[[Returns the state of the Edje part.]]