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parentedje: Move external_param_set to a efl_part API (diff)
edje: Remove part_external_content_get from EO
I couldn't find a use of this API. This looks like it returns an object inside a part inside an external (so, inside an edje). Kept as legacy only.
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@@ -1027,19 +1027,6 @@ class Edje.Object (Efl.Canvas.Group.Clipped, Efl.File, Efl.Container, Efl.Part,
part: string; [[The part name]]
- @property part_external_content {
- get {
- [[Gets an object contained in an part of type EXTERNAL
- The content string must not be $null. Its actual value depends on the
- code providing the EXTERNAL.]]
- return: Efl.Canvas.Object; [[Canvas object]]
- }
- keys {
- part: string; [[The name of the part holding the EXTERNAL]]
- content: string; [[A string identifying which content from the EXTERNAL to get]]
- }
- }
@property text_change_cb {
set {
[[Sets the object text callback.