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parentelm_code: reduce race conditions in rendering cursor (diff)
edje: Remove message_handler_set from EO
It is used to receive messages with a payload from embryo to C. This API has a function pointer, which means it would have to be manually bound, or transformed (eg. eo event). Also, prepare the change for message_send to use Eina_Value and no explicit type. This feature seems rarely used. But note that handler_set is in fact used in terminology, rage and luncher. So, if the need arises, it will have to be transformed in a proper EO way.
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--- a/src/lib/edje/edje_object.eo
+++ b/src/lib/edje/edje_object.eo
@@ -461,25 +461,6 @@ class Edje.Object (Efl.Canvas.Group.Clipped, Efl.File, Efl.Container, Efl.Part,
key: string; [[The data field's key string]]
- @property message_handler {
- set {
- [[Sets an Edje message handler function for a given Edje object.
- For scriptable programs on an Edje object's defining EDC file which
- send messages with the send_message() primitive, one can attach
- handler functions, to be called in the code which creates
- that object (see \@ref edcref "the syntax" for EDC files).
- This function associates a message handler function and the
- attached data pointer to the object obj.
- See also @.message_send()]]
- }
- values {
- func: Edje.Message_Handler_Cb; [[The function to handle messages coming from obj]]
- data: void_ptr; [[Auxiliary data to be passed to func]]
- }
- }
message_send {
[[Sends an (Edje) message to a given Edje object
@@ -498,10 +479,10 @@ class Edje.Object (Efl.Canvas.Group.Clipped, Efl.File, Efl.Container, Efl.Part,
params {
- @in type: Edje.Message_Type; [[The type of message to send to obj]]
@in id: int; [[A identification number for the message to be sent]]
- @in msg: void_ptr; [[The message's body, a struct depending on type]]
+ @in msg: const(generic_value); [[The message's payload]]
+ legacy: null;
signal_callback_add {
[[Adds a callback for an arriving Edje signal, emitted by