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authorHermet Park <>2019-08-19 18:04:38 +0900
committerHermet Park <>2019-08-19 18:07:04 +0900
commitf10a3c9ee36cd270045f7e30fd3716ef15e3106d (patch)
treedc945efb4e727603a25673d0880bd1726f119968 /src/lib/edje/edje_smart.c
parent375f22931e66b3f5db51d303db09211ed3145d34 (diff)
edje: fix compatibility issue.
Obviously previous edje object file set would try reload file even though the file is already loaded. This brings different result if the file data has been modified or changed.
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diff --git a/src/lib/edje/edje_smart.c b/src/lib/edje/edje_smart.c
index 7b97bd3..9778320 100644
--- a/src/lib/edje/edje_smart.c
+++ b/src/lib/edje/edje_smart.c
@@ -443,6 +443,7 @@ edje_object_mmap_set(Edje_Object *obj, const Eina_File *file, const char *group)
443EAPI Eina_Bool 443EAPI Eina_Bool
444edje_object_file_set(Edje_Object *obj, const char *file, const char *group) 444edje_object_file_set(Edje_Object *obj, const char *file, const char *group)
445{ 445{
446 efl_file_unload(obj);
446 return efl_file_simple_load(obj, file, group); 447 return efl_file_simple_load(obj, file, group);
447} 448}
448 449