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efl: Add Efl.Version struct and APIs
The original idea behind knowing the app's version of EFL is not a great story. It comes from the fact that some bugs exist in earlier versions of EFL, and some things need to be fixed. But those fixes may break behaviour for older apps. This patch is opening the way to the slippery slope of bug compatibility. Unfortunately this is a requirement if we want to be able to move forward and not break apps when we fix bugs (behaviour or ABI). I hope we will not need to implement too many (if any) workaround such issues. For now, this will only be used as debugging info. EFL_MAIN() and ELM_MAIN() will both set the app's EFL version automatically at startup time. Some internal helpers can be added later to check how the app build-time and run-time version of EFL differ. @feature
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@@ -18,3 +18,23 @@ struct @extern Efl.Time
18 tm_yday: int; [[Days in year.[0-365] ]] 18 tm_yday: int; [[Days in year.[0-365] ]]
19 tm_isdst: int; [[DST. [-1/0/1] ]] 19 tm_isdst: int; [[DST. [-1/0/1] ]]
20} 20}
22struct Efl.Version
24 [[This type describes the version of EFL with an optional variant.
26 This may be used to query the current running version of EFL. Or it can
27 be passed by applications at startup time to inform EFL of the version
28 a certain application was built for.
30 @since 1.18
31 ]]
33 major: int; [[Major component of the version (>= 1).]]
34 minor: int; [[Minor component of the version (>= 0).]]
35 micro: int; [[Micro component of the version (>= 0).]]
36 revision: int; [[Revision component of the version (>= 0).]]
37 flavor: string; [[Special version string for this build of EFL, $null for
38 vanilla (upstream) EFL. Contains $EFL_VERSION_FLAVOR.]]
39 build_id: string; [[Contains $EFL_BUILD_ID.]]