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authorMarcel Hollerbach <>2018-06-10 16:30:07 +0200
committerMarcel Hollerbach <>2018-06-10 17:01:33 +0200
commitd1e1adf0bc4fadb401c778f98110c9ee49540a2c (patch)
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edje: fix edje_part_helpers refcounting
Summary: the reference from efl_reuse was forgotten & the parent relation was not correctlty setted, which led to the fact that NOREF was never emitted. This caused that thte object never really was destructed probebly, and thus the del_interceptor_cb was not executed, and the object simply leaked. The test checks that those properties are correctly set, additionally a error is printed in the efl code when a part has not the expected reference properties. This also enforces errors when users are doing wrong things with objects returned by efl_part. Reviewers: ManMower, zmike Reviewed By: zmike Subscribers: cedric, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
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diff --git a/src/lib/efl/interfaces/efl_interfaces_main.c b/src/lib/efl/interfaces/efl_interfaces_main.c
index d9b10e89d2..f5b8634d68 100644
--- a/src/lib/efl/interfaces/efl_interfaces_main.c
+++ b/src/lib/efl/interfaces/efl_interfaces_main.c
@@ -96,6 +96,12 @@ efl_part(const Eo *obj, const char *name)
96 if (!r) return NULL; 96 if (!r) return NULL;
97 97
98 efl_event_callback_add(r, EFL_EVENT_NOREF, _noref_death, NULL); 98 efl_event_callback_add(r, EFL_EVENT_NOREF, _noref_death, NULL);
100 //ensure that the parts that we have here are never leaked
101 //by checking theire references and ownership details
102 EINA_SAFETY_ON_NULL_RETURN_VAL(efl_parent_get(r), r);
103 EINA_SAFETY_ON_FALSE_RETURN_VAL(efl_ref_count(r) == 1, r);
99 ___efl_auto_unref_set(r, EINA_TRUE); 105 ___efl_auto_unref_set(r, EINA_TRUE);
100 106
101 return efl_ref(r); 107 return efl_ref(r);