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parentefl-wl: add docs for smart callbacks (diff)
efl-wl: add functionality for directly passing through xkb objects
when used in enlightenment, it's necessary to be able to directly use the compositor's keyboard state to ensure consistency when keypress events are not propagated @feature
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diff --git a/src/lib/efl_wl/Efl_Wl.h b/src/lib/efl_wl/Efl_Wl.h
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--- a/src/lib/efl_wl/Efl_Wl.h
+++ b/src/lib/efl_wl/Efl_Wl.h
@@ -160,6 +160,33 @@ EAPI Evas_Object *efl_wl_extracted_surface_object_find(void *surface_resource);
* @since 1.21
EAPI Evas_Object *efl_wl_extracted_surface_extracted_parent_get(Evas_Object *surface);
+ * Set external xkbcommon resources to be used read-only by the compositor object
+ *
+ * Use this function if you have available the necessary xkbcommon objects which are used
+ * to handle keyboard states in a compositor. The passed objects will not be modified or copied,
+ * so this function must be called again in the case that the compositor widget outlives the
+ * lifetime of any of the passed pointers.
+ *
+ * @param obj The compositor widget
+ * @param seat The seat to set the keymap for, NULL to set the keymap for all seats
+ * @param keymap The xkb_keymap object to use
+ * @param state The xkb_state object to use
+ * @param fd The fd created from a mmapped xkb_keymap
+ * @param size The size of the xkb_keymap memory
+ * @param wl_key_array A pointer to the wl_array in which keys are stored
+ * @since 1.21
+ */
+EAPI void efl_wl_seat_keymap_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eo *seat, void *state, int fd, size_t size, void *wl_key_array);
+ * Set the key repeat rate for a seat in the compositor
+ *
+ * @param obj The compositor widget
+ * @since 1.21
+ */
+EAPI void efl_wl_seat_key_repeat_set(Evas_Object *obj, Eo *seat, int repeat_rate, int repeat_delay);