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docs: Proper documentation for Collection and Item classes
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1class @beta Efl.Ui.Grid extends Efl.Ui.Collection 1class @beta Efl.Ui.Grid extends Efl.Ui.Collection
2{ 2{
3 [[A scrollable grid of @Efl.Ui.Item objects. 3 [[A scrollable grid of @Efl.Ui.Item objects, typically @Efl.Ui.Grid_Default_Item objects.
4 4
5 @Efl.Ui.Grid supports group items. Group items are displayed in the top of the viewport, if items of the group are in the viewport. 5 Items are added using the @Efl.Pack_Linear interface.
7 The orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the grid can be set with
8 @Efl.Ui.Layout_Orientable.orientation.
10 Items inside this widget can be selected according to the @Efl.Ui.Multi_Selectable.select_mode
11 policy, and the selection can be retrieved with @Efl.Ui.Multi_Selectable.selected_items_get.
13 @Efl.Ui.Grid supports grouping by using @Efl.Ui.Group_Item objects.
14 Group headers are displayed at the top of the viewport if items belonging to the group
15 are visible in the viewport.
6 ]] 16 ]]
7 data: null; 17 data: null;
8 implements { 18 implements {