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declare first round of classes stable
this stabelizes the "stableized" column of the efl: api workboard. fixes T8208, fixes T8158, fixes T8156, fixes T8025, fixes T8024, fixes T7976, fixes T7946, fixes T7928, fixes T7923, fixes T7905, fixes T7902, fixes T7901, fixes T7900, fixes T7898, fixes T7897, fixes T7895, fixes T7894, fixes T7893, fixes T7891, fixes T7880, fixes T7873, fixes T7869, fixes T7867, fixes T7865, fixes T7862, fixes T7854, fixes T7847, fixes T7881, fixes T7870, fixes T9086 Differential Revision:
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1class @beta Efl.Ui.Grid extends Efl.Ui.Collection 1class Efl.Ui.Grid extends Efl.Ui.Collection
2{ 2{
3 [[A scrollable grid of @Efl.Ui.Item objects, typically @Efl.Ui.Grid_Default_Item objects. 3 [[A scrollable grid of @Efl.Ui.Item objects, typically @Efl.Ui.Grid_Default_Item objects.
4 4